About the Band

Welcome to the official Pleasure Unit website. Pleasure Unit is a band from the Seattle area that came together in 1994. Pleasure Unit has recorded hundreds of songs over the past decade and a half, completing work on a compilation disc entitled Accumulator and several other full-length albums, including their most recent release, Automaton (April 2002). For more information on Pleasure Unit's latest projects, keep an eye on the News and Albums sections.

Latest Updates

As of July 2008, Pleasure Unit's music is now featured on Amie Street. You can listen to and download featured tracks there, and if you like what you hear, recommend them to other listeners. Head on over to the Pleasure Unit Artist Page to start listening, or click on the banner below:

Pleasure Unit Banner

The band got together and had an acoustic recording session back in October of 2004, which dusted off tracks like "Deep Blue," "Missing Hue" and "Wonder Room." There's a chance those may surface on the site sometime in the future.

Latest Record

'Automaton' Album Cover


  1. Abduction
  2. Emblem
  3. A Feel Good Translation
  4. Island (Luigi Remix)
  5. Hoax
  6. Plastique (New Brunswick Remix)
  7. Necessary
  8. Emblem (Say Goodnight Remix)