Brian's Words

'Accumulator' Album Cover

Again, this album was recorded mostly on tape. Only a few tracks were recorded with a Fostex 4-track. To tell you the truth, the tape recordings came out much better! The album was really a collection of three different bands: Sir Real, Pop Circuit Express, and Pleasure Unit. It was really a marketing strategy for A & R Representatives – we figured it was better to have seemingly three different bands on one demo CD than a single band. I had guest artists play on a few different tracks. Shane Powell, from Bionic Systems Go!, and Nathan Smurthwaite, from The Abodox. I wrote two amazing pop songs in about twenty minutes with Shane, and recorded some novel instrumentals with Nathan. My favorite guitar solo on the album is on "Make Believe." The song's guitar part is completely recorded in real-time using one take. As always, most of our instrumental parts are.

I remember rushing to get the album done. I wanted to take it to a recording industry party in Seattle. We finished it on time, and if I remember right, gave copies to Rick Parashar, Tony Visconti, and Phil Ramone. Not bad, especially considering we were nineteen years old!

I did the artwork for the album's cover and fold-out insert. The cover picture was taken in a run-down industrial factory. There's a story for you...

Bernie's Words

The great thing about "Accumulator" is that you can easily see the direction our band took after releasing "Messed Up." I think you can see that Brian and I grew up a lot as musicians, moving from funnier or more lighthearted songs like "Chong" and "Chigger" to serious tracks like "Days" and "Jazz that All." We still managed to have a good time making "Accumulator," though. I remember Brian having to scold me a few times during the recording of "Drive," as I'd keep throwing in this Mel Torme-like sound at the end of some of the verses.

I enjoyed co-writing the lyrics/vocals to "SHEI" with Patrick Kane, even though the song was accidentally recorded totally mono. We were able to pull off a Macgyver using a MD player and some RadioShack cords (why settle for anything less?) and it actually ended up sounding pretty good. I think I am able to really get in to this album because there are so many songs I wasn't a part of. I can sit and listen without critiquing the sound, production, or whatever else I'd usually focus on with something I helped out with. All in all it's a nice record.

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