Alcohol Dream

Brian's Words

'Alcohol Dream' Album Cover

Originally, I think it was called something else. It was also going to be a double album. Bernie and I used Cool Edit Pro for the first time on this album, so the overall production was not at its best. We also had a guest artist, Carl Meredith, play drums/bass on a few songs. Hiding within the weak production, the album has great lyrics and music. For instance, "Another Love Song," "Hey," and "Oblivion."

Bernie did the artwork for this album. The darkness and font style really represents the overall musical essence of the album.

Bernie's Words

We really should have made this a double album. When it came time to do the final mix, Brian and I were pretty shocked to see that we had 20 songs. There weren't any that we thought worthy of leaving out, though, so this became our longest album to date.

"Pathetic Heretic" was the first track completed, and Brian and I were both excited about the new sound we had created. As he mentioned, production was a little weak on this record, but I don't think it hurt the actual songs very much. The title track is one of the songs that suffered from lackluster production, but it is still one of my favorites on the record. "Treasure All You Can" is a great song, too. I really like the way "Save" turned out. It's funny to think about for me, because it was recorded before Radiohead released "Kid A," and I think it has a very "Kid A" sound to it.

I have to give Carl Meredith props for his help on the record, because I love the bassline he laid down on "Hey Man." There's another little magic-trick on this album that we'd never tried before, with the transition between "Nectar" and "Oblivion." I'd really like to try and do more of that in the future. There is so much I could say about this album. Maybe I should just let the music speak for itself. As far as the album title goes, this record was originally going to be called "Thrice in Three Days."

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