Breadwinner Father, Homemaker Mother

Brian's Words

'Breadwinner Father, Homemaker Mother' Album Cover

Great album title – bad timing. Originally, the album was going to be an acoustic six song single. The album is different from others. The lyrics really stand-out and are the main feature on the album; with the exception of some elaborate finger-picking songs and a wild guitar solo. I really think the production on the album was unique and well balanced. A few vocal parts were last minute, but, ahh...who cares?

Bernie's Words

I am still at odds in terms of deciding whether this or "Most of the Sudden" is our best album. We planned on keeping a theme with this record, but I think what actually happened was inside us and meant to be. You can hear a bit of the theme in songs like "Way Out West" and "Blind River," but I'm pleased we were able to branch out and create songs like "Thrown So Low" and "Vendetta" as well. We went back to our roots in a sense, with the comedic "No Look Blues," but I also feel like I grew a lot personally, as I was able to contribute more to the writing process this time around. There are definitely some sounds on this record that make me excited about our next LP.

The album cover was designed by Seattle artist William Boyd. I've always really liked the design, but it was only recently that I realized how much it looks like a heart pumping new and used blood. I think it serves as a great metaphor to the styles and sounds of the album.

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