Brian's Words

'Idea' Album Cover

Being a classically trained musician, I have always written instrumental compositions. However, electronic compositions are approached differently for me. This album was compiled to score an Internet series for 3rd Floor Productions in Los Angeles. They used many of the tracks for their "Amanda Hades" program.

The cover art was designed by me.

Bernie's Words

People always seem to be amazed at how fast Pleasure Unit puts out albums. I think we owe the observation to our instrumental releases. Brian has a real knack for cranking out amazing music that can hold its own in terms of not needing vocals or extraneous instrumental work added to it, and I can tell the folks in charge of "Amanda Hades" couldn't agree more. It's always nice to be able to really focus on the sounds and production of a record without having to worry about what lyrics will work or what melodies are missing. "Atom" is my favorite track on the album, and even though it's only 24 seconds long, "Hades" has got to contain one of the coolest sounds we've ever put in a song.

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  7. Necessary
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