Most of the Sudden

Brian's Words

'Most of the Sudden' Album Cover

The first real taste of digital recordings. For the entire album, we used the Voyetra Audio Recorder. For each song, a single sample track was recorded, and then later each sample was mixed for a generic mix-down. It worked quite well. Bernie and I actually made a joke about writing and recording an album in two weeks. Well, we did it. The album is so consistent in production – I have had many ask "where did you record it at?" or "who mastered it?" I believe it is our "best produced" album. In fact, I gave a demo copy to Dave Dederer (Presidents of the United States) and he said, "What I most like about the material on the demo you sent me are the instrumentation and production. Quite simply, I like the way it SOUNDS."

The cover artwork was created by me and we did various different prints in blue, green, yellow and red.

Bernie's Words

Brian is right about the two-week thing. I remember coming up with lyrics for "Next Time," the record's opening track, and laying down vocals at the last minute. I think we almost settled on it being an instrumental track. We tend to do that with songs we have trouble laying down vocals on. Another song we really rushed through was "Nothing's Easy." Brian had written the first verse, and I ended up improvising the second verse AS I was singing the recorded version of the song!

I definitely think Brian is right about this being our "best produced" release. I think we've both agreed that "Father" is our best song we've recorded so far, too, so this album is definitely an important part of our catalog. "Whispers" is brilliant, in my opinion, with the way it mixes electronica with jazz and some very humourous lyrics. I actually came up with the album title as nothing more than a play on words. Who knows? Maybe the quicker we write/record an album the better it turns out.

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