Brian's Words

'Prometheus' Album Cover

Another instrumental album, used for scoring the "Amanda Hades" program. The album was approached using live keyboard tracks in real-time. Thus, it has a live feel to it. The production is crisp, and live sounding as well. The analog keyboard tracks are awesome and not standard presets. Kevin Skaggs did a wonderful remix for the album.

The cover was done by me. It is perhaps one of my favorite covers so far.

Bernie's Words

This is an album I frequently slide into the car stereo. The album isn't long by any means, but that is probably a good thing considering the previous release. "Beside," Kevin Skaggs' mix of "Whole," and "Plastique" are the gems of this record. "Spins" is another one of those "less-than-a-minute" tracks that just has an amazing sound. Be sure to turn up the volume on the closing song, "Beyond Colours." *Grins*

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